Rock and Roll Never Forgets

It’s a sad thing when we, as baby boomers, begin to feel like “old fogies” when it comes to music and the “hip” things going on in popular culture.
It’s also easy to forget that the rock music and many other genres of modern music got their launch way back during the days when baby boomers were the young people changing society and it was our music that changed the world.

So it’s good for baby boomers to remember such things about their heritage and what they passed on to the music and entertainment culture today. In the song “Rock and Roll Never Forgets” by Bob Seger, the singer reviews the changes baby boomers have gone through as they go from youth to middle age and deal with pressures of work, family, child rearing and changes in health due to aging. But the end result remains the same that at the heart of every baby boomer is a rock and roller who is just as capable as ever of enjoying the music that was the foundation of their culture.

One of the things that disheartened the baby boomer generation growing up was seeing the rock and roll life style take its toll on many of the icons of youth culture and music including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Freddie Mercury. But the unfortunate demise of these music heroes does not diminish the great contribution to music and to culture down through the years. So as much as we grieve the loss of great talent, we can always celebrate what they gave to us and continue to give to us down to modern times as music continues to reference those great figures of 60s music as icons and inspirations.

But for every rock and roller who did not survive that turbulent time in our culture, we can look to great performers who did survive, overcame their addictions and went on to continue to give great music to the world decade after decade. Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie are examples of wonderful and talented music heroes that demonstrated that age and a few wrinkles don’t mean a thing. They continue to rock and roll today as hard and with as much heart as they did when they were in their twenties.

In a way “to rock and roll” is a metaphor for living life to its fullest and for staying true to your values and living life in a genuine way that never gives up on what’s important in life. That is why baby boomers have always had the greatest contempt for anyone who sells out or abandons their core principles that they espoused in youth. To sell out is to say that none of the great history of the youth revolution meant anything and we are willing to turn out backs on it. But to “rock and roll” means always going back to your roots and never giving up, even when age, and busy lives and poor health say that you should slow down and not try to live with as much earnestness as you did when you were young.

Baby boomers, even at this dignified and “mature” stage in life, should feel liberated to be able to go ahead and “rock and roll” in a real sense of the word. The Bob Seger song was a hit because it gives us permission to reconnect with our roots and express that youthful enthusiasm again. You don’t have to go to a nostalgia show to do that either. There are dozens of great rock and roll acts that are giving to the children of baby boomers (and their grandchildren) that same excitement we got from The Beatles and The Stones.

“Discovering” rock and roll all over again can be great fun for a baby boomer especially when you find a new act that has that power and ability to perform that reminds us of the acts of our youth. They are out there so just get out there and uncover this great natural resource of talent in the music and culture of today’s youth revolution.


How To Lose Weight Easily, Quickly And Naturally Program – Natural Weight Loss

It is easy to lose weight quickly and naturally if you have a systematic weight loss program. Many people failed to lose weight successfully because of the natural tendency to choose easy quick fix programs such as going on drastic diets, popping diet pills or persuaded to buy some exercise gadgets that simply do not work. In my other articles, I have addressed these issues and why such easy quick fix programs simply do not work in the long term and will not repeat them here.

To lose weight quickly, naturally and easily, you have to combine a healthy eating habit, correct cardio and strengthening exercises. We shall touch on the subject of how to lose weight quickly and naturally through a healthy eating program in this article.

• Increase Your Metabolism – Eat 5-6 small meals daily. It has been scientifically proven that by eating frequently, you will raise your body’s natural metabolism. That means your body will burn more fat naturally. You become a fat burning machine all day long.

• Eat Less Calories – Although you need to increase meal frequency to lose weight naturally, you must be mindful of your caloric consumption. Calories consumed must not exceed calories expanded for your daily energy. So keep your meals small and cut down on dietary fats as each gram of fat contains 9 calories whereas each gram of protein and carbohydrate contains only 4 calories.

• Avoid Starchy And Processed Flour Foodstuffs – These foodstuffs are easy to digest and turn into sugar rapidly and in turn get converted to body fat if these sugar calories are not used up as energy quickly. So ditch your cakes, cookies, pizzas, pastas, white rice etc Replace them with high fiber bread, legumes, brown rice, grains and nuts instead. So stay away from fast food restaurants as most fast food menus offer such foodstuff.

• Avoid All Sugary and Soft Drinks – Reason is obvious. Most if not all of these kind of drinks are heavily laced with sugar and sugar gets converted to body fat very quickly. You have to run on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes just to burn away a can’s worth of calories in a soft drink. Just imagine how much body fat you will accumulate if you drink just three cans of soft drinks a day along with 2 cups of sugar added coffee?

• Avoid All Forms Of Alcohol – There are about 7 calories in a gram of alcohol. Alcohol calories have zero nutritional value. They are just mere empty calories. Indulging in regular alcohol consumption not only wrecks your health, it will set back your weight loss program completely.

Oh….so you think this eating habit is difficult to implement or that you will miss your sugary foodstuffs and soft drinks? Not to worry. You may experience some withdrawal symptoms at first but after a week or two, you will be weaned off your sugar and simple carbohydrate cravings. Once your addictions to these foods are curbed, you will no longer have your sweet tooth and will naturally avoid such foodstuff.

Just by following these healthy eating habits, you will start to lose weight easily, quickly and naturally. Include cardio and weight lifting exercises into your weight loss program and your weight loss will be permanent.

Accomplishing Everything You Want By Eliminating Reversals

Ever hear the idiom ‘sink or swim’? When sharks stop swimming, they die. That’s where it comes from.

As humans, if we stop moving, stop progressing, stop learning, we don’t literally die or sink, but we stop growing and may even experience a figurative death.

Growth happens on all levels of our existence including physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, and when we stagnate emotionally, and we’re feeling ‘stuck’ this may be the result of a ‘reversal’. If you can reverse these reversals and correct this stagnation, you will experience amazing results.

If you want to create a change in your life but keep up with counterproductive actions against this change, that’s a reversal.

If you really want to change, why do you keep working against yourself? Answer: You’re reversed.

I was reversed. I was extremely overweight and yet, I kept eating sugar and bad carbs. Wanting to lose weight was not congruent with my dietary habits. The cake and pizza and ice cream were in opposition to my desire to be physically fit. But eventually I had to make a life or death choice: did I want to stuff my face with unhealthy foods or did I want to see my children grow up?

My driving force behind reversing my reversal was fear and, to an extent, anger at the doctor who told me there was really no way out of this health problem I had developed. Whereas I had once felt myself to be invincible, I realize now it was really denial. And I feel fortunate to have had these skills and the awakening of a near death experience to jump-start myself to reverse my reversals.

Reversals work on a deep psychological level and make you start believing that what is bad for you is good for you.

When I was reversed, I used to reward myself at the end of the day by having ice cream. That’s twisted logic. Reward myself for eating “healthy” by eating a pint of rocky road. Denial.

There’s a quote from Gallo and Vicente that says: “An energy reversal blocks you from seeing solutions even when you have the knowledge, or prevents you from implementing the solution even though you have the ability.”

This was true with me and my weight issues. I had the intellectual information I needed to fix the problem, but there was a disconnect. Even though I knew what to do, I couldn’t implement the solution.

Another example of reversals is drug addiction. There’s nobody out there that could possibly thing drugs are good for you or healthy. People with serious drug problems know that they could potentially die from an overdose. There is something so compelling about the drug, or the food, or the reversed behavior, that doesn’t allow it to be fixed easily.

This is the very definition of a reversal.

You will notice reversals in major areas of sabotage in your emotional life. Depression, addictions, alcoholism, unhealthy relationships–all are evidence of a reversal.

Stay tuned for an upcoming article called “Tapping Away Reversals” for exactly how to clear away these blockages. In the meantime, visit for more techniques and strategies for personal improvement and for winning favor with affluent prospects and clients.

Integrated Treatment For Dual Diagnosis

Integrated treatment for dual diagnosis is the time
when a person who is experiencing dual diagnosis is
receiving combined intervention and treatment for
mental illness and abuse of destructive substances
from his or her psychiatrist.
Treatment that can be
done through integration is all the while difficult
but possible.

In treatment and management of dual diagnosis, it is
most helpful that the person receiving treatment has
his or her hopes full in order to develop the needed
skills and knowledge and support that they direly
need. This will help them see how meaningful their
treatment is and how goals in life must be achieved.

Even if there are difficulties in making a plan for
treatment for dual diagnosis, some psychiatrists are
already engaging in the course of action. You will
know or get a hang of things the moment your physician
does things that are quite numerous. Some of which can
be indicated by:

• Encourage and help you be involved with supported
services and employment that can help hasten your
recovery and lead to more interesting and helpful

• Help you visualize about the different roles of
alcohol and drugs are negatively contributing to your
life. The physician will let you realize of how these
types of addictions have destroyed and affected your
life severely. This process must be done in
confidentiality that will not result to any kind of
negative consequences which may hurt the client.

People, especially those afflicted with some kind of
disorder, feel more secured and confident to talk
about the different issues in their lives if it is
done in a non-judgmental, confidential and
no-strings-attached type of conversation.

• The physician will also give you the opportunity to
learn more about the effects of drugs and alcohol in a
person’s body. This will give the client more
knowledge about the different substance dependencies
and how it has managed to take over his or her life in
an instant. You will also learn about the interaction
of every medication and mental health problems.

• Help you become more self-reliant in order for you
to identify your own goals for faster recovery. Once
you have decided the negative outcomes of your
dependency and how it has affected your mental status,
you will be able to define the problems that you are
recently facing and be able to find the appropriate
solution even without the help of your psychiatrist.
You can forward your thoughts and ideas on a counselor
that will train you to develop goals for recovery. In
this process the client will learn about the different
strategies in order to recover without relapses.

If you are someone who is experiencing dual disorders,
strict participation is needed in order to treat the
disorders effectively all at the same time. With
treatment aimed at effectiveness, it will be more
effective to say that the disorder may be reduced
including any additional predicaments like: financial
problems, suicide, violence, physical and sexual
victimization, increased symptoms of mind illness,
homelessness, incarceration and early death.

As someone who is affected by dual diagnosis, you must
have all the information needed in order to cope with
the situation in your utmost level. You should also be
able to identify the different causes of any kind of
relapse in order to avoid it.

Long Term Cat Care

A cat can be a pet an also a friend.
If you want the feline to be with you for the long term, it pays to know proper cat care.

Before getting one from the pet store or animal shelter, be sure to have a bed, dish bowl and litter box ready. By giving them their own space, they will be able to adapt to the new environment that you have made for them.

Since the cat will explore around the house and might even go out, it is advisable to put a collar around its neck which has your name, contact number and address so in case it wanders off, one of your neighbors will be able to return it.

Another option is to insert a microchip under their skin. Putting this device into the feline is very similar to giving it a vaccination. Aside from using it merely to identify the cat if it gets lost, it also has another purpose which is a flea deterrent because it has a chemical that helps keep these parasites away.

You must only buy high quality cat food for your pet. These should be rich in protein that may come from meat, fish or poultry. These are available either in canned or Kibble and most nutritionists agree that a combination of both is ideal so they do not develop food addictions.

One thing you must never feed a cat is chocolate because it has certain chemicals that could be fatal for them.

Aside from food, you can also give your cat food supplements such as Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Taurine which is an essential amino acid.

Don’t forget to bring your cat at least once a year to the vet. This is to check on your pet’s state of health as well as giving the annual vaccinations. You should know that the older the cat gets, such visits to the vet should be done every 6 months because they also get old.

If there is a problem or suspect that something is wrong, drive down to the vet even if you don’t have an appointment. Remember that when it comes to dealing with felines, this professional is the specialist.

Cats have the ability to clean themselves but they can only do so much on their own. While they are young, they have to get used to the idea of giving them a bath. Once dried, their hairs should be combed so it does not get tangled.

You should trim their nails so they don’t scratch too hard and hurt themselves or even you. Since they love to scratch and this may cause damage to your furniture, make sure to also have a scratch pad nearby positioned by their bed or the furniture.

House cats should always be kept indoors. This will prevent them from coming into contact with other animals that may be carriers of infectious diseases that may be fatal to them. If ever you go out, make sure all the windows and doors are locked.

Long term cat care may let it live for ten years or more. If others are able to do it, so can you. Just remember that it is a responsibility that you got yourself into so make the most of it.

Finding Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation

There are many medical problems that plague people today. One of them is atrial fibrillation. If you or a loved one suffer from this condition, you need to seek proper medical treatment in order to take care of your health. There are a few things you need to consider when doing so.

The first thing you need to check is which providers in your area your health coverage will pay to treat you. There have been numerous changes in the medical system in recent years. You do not want to seek help from a physician whose services are not covered by your insurance company. The best way to do this is by contacting your insurance company prior to making any appointments.

You also need to know that the doctor you are going to see is qualified to treat atrial fibrillation. While most primary care physicians can make some diagnoses, they generally prefer to allow specialists to make further diagnoses and treatment plans. You need to see a specialist who can do all of this for you. Look at their credentials and ask any questions that you may have regarding your condition.Natural treatment for atrial fibrillation

Once you have seen a doctor regarding your physical health, you need to follow their instructions for your atrial fibrillation. This may include changing certain behaviors or taking medications. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask the doctor while you are in the office. If these occur to you afterwards, make a list so that you can ask the next time you are there.

Atrial fibrillation is a serious but treatable condition. Having the proper insurance coverage will reduce some of your stress while you seek treatment from a confident provider. Make certain to follow through on their treatment for atrial fibrillation.

Unsatisfied Basic Needs And Addictive Behavior

Throughout our lives we have various requirements that must be met. These are our needs and desires, which range from basic physical needs to selfless desire. When any of these are not met, negative physical, mental, and emotional complications and addictions can result, sometimes with distressful consequences. This discussion is about needs.

A need is an explicit requirement, like feeling hungry and demanding to eat or seeking assurance when you feel unloved and insecure. Satisfying a need means that it has been gratified, relieved, and discharged. Once you feel satisfied, your attention easily turns to something else.

The following list of needs is inspired by the work of Abraham Maslow.

Physical needs. Food, water, safety, shelter, health, basic comfort and income.

Security. You feel secure when you feel wanted, accepted, loved, and supported by others, and are able to feel a sense of belonging.

Connection. The drive to meaningfully relate, involve, give and receive, procreate and/or experience sexual fulfillment.

Self-esteem. You need confidence, competence, respect and power. When you feel approval, recognition and admiration from others, you naturally feel these for yourself and others. This develops the confidence needed to risk and strive. From competence and achievement, you develop assurance, poise, and power. Esteem in all these ways is preeminent to favorable development and behavior.

Integrity. This results from fulfilling your agreements with yourself and others. Because you carefully consider possible consequences, you are discerning in your choices and are thereby able to trust yourself.

Satisfying basic needs is primary. Without doing so, you are distracted, out of balance, and out of peace. If numerous needs are unsatisfied, then your disturbances are complicated and magnified. Your daily activities and creative flow are biased and directed toward the satisfaction of your unmet need(s). Your focus is distracted and skewed, your life is entangled with problems, and your fulfillment will be forever compromised.

Since most people don’t know how to address their unmet needs, they turn their attention to what seems easier. And yet it never truly works because weakness arises. For example, a person becomes a great singer, yet never learns how to develop or maintain healthy intimate relationships.

To satisfy basic needs one must feel the insecurity that develops from its lack, then determine the best way to effectively address it. However, many people lack the requisite trust, strength and method by which to do so. This inhibits healthy progress because they fear they will be weakened by admitting the lack; yet they will actually be strengthened.

The key is to identify the unsatisfied need that the negative behavior attempts to satisfy. Next, replace that negative behavior with a positive equivalent. For example, returning alone to her hotel room feeling the high of a concert, the great singer typically orders her favorite goodies, eats heartily, and grows larger. By determining that she never learned how to develop and maintain healthy relationships, she is able to decide how to begin developing satisfying relationships, even while touring.

Indeed, satisfying basic needs is necessary because it provides the foundation for all else to develop, and supports you to reach your optimum levels. Satisfying basic needs is fundamental to clarity, peace, and overall well-being, and supports your potential to be realized.

How To Keep Healthy And Fit Every Day

Obesity is a global conundrum that has prompted people to take measures to avert the crisis. There are lots of overweight people looking to lose weight and remain healthy. On the other hand, there are lots of people looking for ways to avoid gaining weight and remain fit. There are lots of ways to achieve these objectives which include the following.

First, you need to practice healthy eating habits. Seeing a burger or a pizza might wet your mouth but if the cholesterol count continues growing in your body, you might be putting yourself at risk for heart failure. On the other hand, you are putting your body at risk for diabetes and many other related illnesses.

On that note, if you are looking to remain healthy and fit, you need to eat natural foods that contain fewer calories. Therefore, instead of ordering Chinese food every day, you need to start preparing food in your own waterkitchen. Of course, that doesn’t mean eating greasy foods prepared in your kitchen is a better alternative. Rather than frying foods, you can substitute for boiled ones. Also, you should consider replacing red meat with poultry or fish for more nutrients. Secondly, you should only use naturally grown vegetables for the best results. No matter how long it might take to prepare food in your kitchen, it’s always better than eating the $1 foods in the nearest fast food joint.

Remember, all your meals should be properly balanced for your body to acquire the necessary nutrients for proper growth. For breakfast, lunch, supper and any snacks in between, you should choose foods that fall under all the 3 food groups. Obviously, rather than using unhealthy carbohydrates, you should go for the healthy ones.

Lastly, don’t forget to exercise and drink lots of water in order to remain fit and healthy for a very long time.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Has Many Advantages

Eco friendly cleaning involves using only safe cleansing products and supplies in one’s home in order to reduce exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals. It is surprising the benefits that this practice has to offer. From improving health to creating a safer environment for the community around you, taking steps toward making your home a more eco friendly place can really make a difference.

First, consider your family when making decisions about how to clean your home. If you want to expose your family to often untested chemicals and harmful pollutants emitted when toxic gases are released from cleansing products, then eco friendly cleaning practices are not for you. If, instead, you would like to feel comforted in knowing the environment around your family offers clean air, safe solid surfaces and no access to harmful chemicals, then having a clear knowledge of the ingredient list on each and every bottle of cleanser in your home is important.

In addition to protecting your family by understanding what you are cleaning the air and surfaces with, eco friendly products keep your little ones safe from ingesting harmful chemicals. We have all seen the warning labels on bottles of bleach, laundry soap, dish washing detergent or other products saying to keep out of reach of children and call poison control immediately if ingested. These products can cause harmful physical and mental damage, or even death, and that makes them a threat to a family’s livelihood. Eco friendly cleaning products do not carry these same warnings, oftentimes because the ingredients are common and not chemical ridden. This makes them a safer choice all around.

Eco friendly cleaning has many advantages. It can help to keep both your family and home safe, and is typically as effective as cleaning with products that rely on harmful chemicals. Take the time to explore this green living option today.

A Beginner’s Guide To Keeping Healthy

Research has indicated that the health of the global population is currently on a decline. It seems that approximately 60% of the population worldwide are facing obesity or have a high BMI level. Obesity is reaching pandemic proportions and can be highly detrimental to any individual facing this difficulty. Health problems such as heart disease and diabetes have been associated with being overweight, and without treatment the condition may be lethal. In order to combat this, health professionals worldwide are promoting healthy nutrition and lifestyle. This article will provide information on what is required to live a balanced life.

A healthy lifestyle is comprised of two different components: dieting and exercising. Below is a brief discussion of these factors.

Dieting can be one of the most difficult aspects to change as it requires a great deal of planning and will power. diet and exerciseResearch has indicated that there is a higher percentage of failed dieting attempts than successful, long term ones. So, what is the secret to maintaining one of these successful diets? The answer is an overall lifestyle change. Changing the way one lives will prompt a healthy change in the food one consumes. Effective diet plans have caused individuals to examine their current meal plans and substitute the fast foods with fresh products.

Moving towards healthy diet plans is beneficial to obtaining a balanced lifestyle; however, it is not truly effective without the presence of regular exercise. Exercise can take shape in any form of activity, as long as it raises one’s heart rate and forces engagement of one’s muscles. Many individuals are not keen on completing training workouts or attending aerobics session, therefore it is important to find an exercise that suits one’s needs and motivation. Walking has become a popular option as it fits easily into schedules and does not require intense physical activity.